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The Preceram Group is a family group consisting of several Portuguese companies with extensive experience and extensive knowledge of the construction sector and in the manufacture of building materials.

With manufacturing units distributed throughout the center of the country (Pombal, Águeda, Oliveira do Bairro and Figueira da Foz), the group produces a wide range of construction and rehabilitation products, and also has a complete and versatile distribution fleet that covers the entire national territory.

Sustainability is present in all processes and life cycle of construction materials manufactured by the companies of the Preceram Group. From obtaining raw materials to recycling in the post-work. Reconciling progress and economic growth with adequate preservation and protection of the environment is a stated objective of the Group.

All products are designed to be solutions that bring added value to architecture and people, health and well-being and enable the reduction of energy consumption, both for heating and cooling.

Preceram – Indústrias de Construção, S.A. (company that gave rise and name to the group) and Preceram Norte – Cerâmicas, S.A. are the largest producers of ceramic brick in Portugal.

Argex – Argila Expandida, S.A. is a modern industrial unit that produces high quality expanded clay.                                                                                                          Website:

Só Argilas – Comércio de Barros, S.A. is dedicated to the exploration, extraction and marketing of raw clays and prepared clays.

Gyptec Ibérica – Gessos Técnicos, S.A. is dedicated to the production of gypsum boards through clean and environmentally sustainable methods.

Volcalis – Isolamentos Minerais, S.A. is dedicated to the production of mineral wool through an absolutely innovative and unique production process in Portugal.

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